Charity Spotlight

Propertee donates 10% of net proceeds to a notable charity. Read below to see our pick for this quarter.


We’re homebodies. Home is our favorite place to be and our day jobs are focused on providing tips, projects and improvements anyone can make so that they, too, can fall in love with their home. We believe that every home deserves to be loved, but infinitely more than that–every person should love where they live. It’s not lost on us that there are many tragic situations across the globe where that is not a fact or a possibility. Where either a safe, healthy or happy home doesn’t exist and is instead replaced with hopelessness. We have decided to donate 10% of all net profits to a different home-focused charity each quarter so that we could be an active part in helping others feel the love, comfort and safety home should bring.

We want Propertee to feel good and to do good–thank you so much for helping us accomplish that goal. 

This quarter, we’ve selected Family Promise, a charity who is working directly with families affected by COVID-19 and who are at risk of be being homeless. 

To learn more about Family Promise, visit